Sunday, September 28, 2008

having fun with Janette

Yesterday I enjoyed a day out with my friend Hondalena and her owner Janette.  We ran into LA, went into the hood...went to the beauty supply trying to find things that freshen up our looks. We love the urban vibe of being in certain parts of LA.  It's nice to be a majority sometimes.   You just can't beat $26 for a pedi, mani, eyebrows, designs, and friendly service.  We laughed ALLLLLLL day.  We were truly happy.  Not because we had a lot of money...what little money we had we ended up spending it...not because we were kid free...but because we were in anticipation of having a good time.  If you go through life thinking it's going to be bad...well it will be.  If you anticipate blessings and are will be an easier ride.

Everything wasn't perfect.  We had rice with our meal and it was a little greasy so we didn't eat it.  The weather was odd (one minute hot and next it was cold).  We waited a LOOONNNG time at the nail shop but all of those things were minor in comparison to getting out and having some good Christian fellowship and fun.  I know I enjoyed the day and she did too.  

Do you have someone to hang out and have fun Christian fellowship with?  When was the last time you laughed all day?  The Lord says that he who wants friends must show himself to be friendly.  Both Janette and I are are friendly people, but I think about the people who don't know how to be friendly enough to have someone to call on for a day of play.  That's something to think about.   Are you like the wise one in Proverbs?  You are a friend that loves at all times? Can you go somewhere with a good friend and just laugh without crudeness or carnality being the dominate joke?  If you can' need to start reading the bible...start being friendly...and get yourself out there to meet other good Christian folks.  You can't be one lone banana...they are so much better when you see them in bunches. (that's an organic inside joke for Janette).

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JSmoothlatte said...

This blog totally starte my work day.
Fun Christian fellowship is priceless, thank you for this reminder of enjoying life in the moment and giving all praise and honor to God.
I thank God for all allowing Jesus to shine through all Christians so others can see and know and want the same.
Thank you for reminding me of enjoying the moments at present that God provides and be content in all situations to trust the Lord
to work it out cuz He is in control anyway even if people deny that He is.....HE IS!!

I bought a bunch of organic bananas yesterday.

Keeping you in prayer
Be Blessed
In Christ Jesus' Love