Friday, September 26, 2008

Being a Christian folks know

You know I was thinking about how Bry is totally in love with trains.  When I see train stuff...I think about him.  People at church and around our neighborhood know he correction...he is obsessed about trains.  He has received a BIG train table which dominates our family room, he has train clothes, train toys, train books and has even ridden a train.  Everyone knows that B loves trains.  

Do people know that we love Christ.  Do we live in such a way that people think...that (boy,girl,man, woman) loves Christ?  Do they see Christ in everything you do?  When they think of they think of you being there?  If you miss a Sunday...are they shocked?  When they hear you it of the things of God?  People know that Bry loves people know that I love Christ?  Can they see my fruit?

Matthew 7:20 - Thus by their fruit you will recognize them.

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