Monday, September 29, 2008

Defying the laws of gravity

I have an active 10 year old whose main goal in life is defying the laws of gravity.  If it's going fast and it's dangerous...he's clamoring "bring it on".  He's been carrying his skateboard around all day around hoping for an opportunity for what he calls, "Some snap daddy fun."  When we went to a school activity...he busted out with the skateboard.  I had to tell him, "You can't bring that up in there." Even when we ran an errand down the street, I turned my head to talk to a girlfriend, and you KNOW the skateboard was back out.  He's got skateboarding on his brain.  When he can't skateboard...he's wearing those heely shoes.  Even if he's in regular shoes...well you know he's moving fast.  He's just trying to defy those gravity laws again.  

I started thinking what if we Christians were like that with our bibles.  We go to the mall and while waiting in line...we busted out our bible.  Not the big 10 pound old Broadman Press ones...but the cute purse bibles, backpack bibles, etc. We're sitting in the office waiting for the doctor and instead of reading the trash on the magazine rack the doctor walks in and we're reading our bible.   While waiting at a restaurant with a large group...half of the group is discussing some verse or scripture - out loud.  If we were attached to the bible like Ney is attached to his skate board...people would wonder what's in that book and search for it.  They'd learn that living for God results in salvation and eternal life.  They would find that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.  They would find that when they die they'd get what Ney is trying to do everyday...their souls would defy the laws of gravity.

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