Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Today I'm trying to focus on that word. ACTION. What actions do I need to do that will benefit my family and myself as a whole. I've determined that I put a lot of focus on others but when I focus on myself there really isn't any ACTION behind what I'm saying. I'm always going on a diet, trying some new fad, following some regime...just to lose 5 or 6 pounds and then gain them back. When I was younger I was much more active. I always moving. I think the key to really losing weight is self control and I haven't decided that I am choosing self control. I wish I could ask other people that are fat and see what they think. If you ask anyone who is overweight about dieting...well you know...they get defensive. "It's in my genes...my thyroid...my family makes me fat". I'm starting to think that's all a bunch of nonsense and the reality is there isn't in Action in what's being said.

The last fruit of the spirit is self control. To truly have self control, you have to actively control your carnal desires. That's not just with food...but also with drinking, swearing, lying, and any other sin. I don't have a problem with drinking. There isn't any alcohol in my house. Why can't I have the same attitude with unhealthy foods...treat them like I do beer or wine...only at weddings.  Or have the mentality that I'm only going to eat them when it's a special occasion. My problem is I make it through a day and I find that cause for a "special occasion".  It really is a matter of putting self control into ACTION.  Is it really that simple?  What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, been there done that with the weight loss struggle...dieting was never a favorite thing to do, actually never liked the word, first 3 letters are die...dieting is like having a heavy chain around your neck and it puts many restrictions on you plus it harbors guilt trips with your mind and leads you to lie even to yourself.
I chose to just eat healthy and exercise and praise God for everything, not diets.
Its really mental, if you truly want to feel better and lose weight it all starts with your mindset, not saying it's easy becuase its not at first but it can be done, really.
Focus and follow through, make those changes even in small steps, one day at a time which the good Lord provides.
Just do one thing the first day and continue doing it the next, then add a second thing and on and on.
Keeping you in prayer