Thursday, October 02, 2008

Dancing is fun...but Jumping around is exhausting

My husband has a short video of the church's bus driver and his grandson on his new phone. The little boy, Max, is a mountain of blond hair with a smile as big as a bus. In the video he's running through water spouts that come up from the ground trying his best to get to the other side. There he is...dancing left, jogging right...jumping back from side to side. It really is cute. I think his grandfather is in the same shot...just standing there. But not Max - he's moving with abandon and getting sprayed in the process.

Sometimes I think working for a group is like that. It could be church, work, after school activities, family reunion stuff - really anything. We're moving this way, dancing that way, jumping over here and trying to avoid getting caught in the meanwhile. All the while, we're doing a lot of moving...but we aren't really GOING anywhere. I really admire a mom I know who backed off on her extra-family activities so she could be more focused on her family. She was doing good things...but they weren't the BEST for her family at the time. I'm thinking she was probably like Max, jumping over water spouts, just trying to get things done. Now when I see her...she seems more at peace. She's not rattling off all the things that she has to do, she's just doing what's needed well. See dancing is fun...but jumping becomes exhausting. Colossians 3:23 says "And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men." She probably is dancing around fewer water spouts now and I know that although she's getting wet...she's moving forward.


Anonymous said...

lorrie your thoughts are amazing, i will be disappointed if you never publish a book.

Lorrie said...

Thanks Amy...I'll be paying for that the next time I see you. It wouldn't have anything to do with me talking about your son would it?