Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SNOW? Well no...but I'd like to see some!

Last year after driving 2 hours to the snow


I think I like it!
We try to go each year...
so my kids can play in it!

Our city trucks it into the harbor during December
so children can throw balls of it
at each other...

but my confession is...


I know!

How crazy is that!
I've been to the snow!
I've been in airports and couldn't leave because of snow...

but I've never seen snow ...

I got close...but some Highway Patrol cop said I didn't have chains and
would have to leave the area! some people!

So all of you snowed in types...
don't feel so bad!

What you have in abundance....
I've never seen!

How crazy is that!



Mary said...

I know. The first time I ever saw snow I was about hmmm....20ish. I was up in Big Bear in JUNE and it snowed like 2 inches one afternoon. Of course, now I live in Ohio where snow is an everyday reality(it's snowing here now).

Beth in NC said...

Your blog looks great! I haven't visited my friends in a while.

Girl, I CANNOT believe that someone in the USA has never seen it snow! That is sad. As much as I don't enjoy snow, it is LOVELY when it coming down. I pray you will get the chance.


Lorrie said...

Nope...snow clouds came into a snow play area (that took me 2 hours to get to) and the highway patrol made everyone who didn't have chains leave. I was 10 minutes from seeing it snow....10 MINUTES! But I'm hopeful....I'm making it a priority for 2011...now I just need some chains and the next snow report!

Lorrie said...

Also...my hubby had never been to the snow until he was 21...I took him for a birthday present. But then again...we didn't SEE IT SNOW!

Lorrie said...

Wow...Mary? Is that Mary from high school! Mary from junior high! I'm still waiting to see that snow...but I bought chains yesterday so I'm getting a little closer?!