Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We'll be over in 15 minutes...

Ok so yesterday was an eye opener to me.

We had a dad and his girls over for dinner with 15 minutes notice.
(I was suppose to bring their dinner to them...but it turns out
they were staying 10 minutes from my house so they
said they could come over and eat with us. How can you say no
to someone who doesn't have a place to live because you
only have six matching napkins and the table isn't "set"?)

Did I panic?!

The house was....
ok except for the kitchen, (filled with dishes)
the family room, (filled with toys)
the boys room, (filled with dirty socks)
the bathroom was surprising clean...(thanks to a 6 year old and some mud the night before...)

but when you have people over for dinner...
let's be honest...

you want to show off.
a pristine home
a pristine dinner
a "pristine" family.

God work on my heart so when I am showing hospitality...
let it be in YOUR NAME...and not my own.

Who care if I had to use regular plates (that's another post all together)...

and who cares if the forks didn't match?

Who cares if every thing wasn't perfect...

It dawned on me...

While I was complaining about not being in the city I want to live in...
They don't even had a place to call their own.

Lord help me to be hospitable on YOUR terms and NOT MINE!

With that said...I'm heading to remove some toys from the family room...
'cause my boys have too many toys!


Charlene said...


Just found your blog--it is wonderful! I could have written this post! When will I learn that it's not about me?

Beth in NC said...

I would have felt the same way, but I'm sure your guests were just grateful to be there.