Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh.....Baby showers....

BABY shopping!

Well I'm off to get some baby clothes for three different moms to be!

One was a total surprise...and she's having a girl...a young mom, a former youth I knew through the church. She's got a bit of an uphill...but if she sticks close to the Lord...she can make it!

The second was a total surprise and she's having a boy! An older mom!
Anything past 35 is old!
We are TOTALLY excited about this. It's funny how the same announcement
has different reactions when you do things in the order God intended....
but for her to wait soooooo long....
we're just EXCITED!

And then my cousin I posted about a while back! I'm still in shock.
is it wrong of me to be
Wasn't she suppose to be our
STELLAR EXAMPLE of our family having a doctor in it!

Was it...right for me, her parents, just about everyone...
to put our hopes and dreams into

Obviously God has other plans...
but while those plans are being fleshed out...
I'm shopping for pink and blue....she's HAVING TWINS!

The thing that she's pregnant...we can't condemn...we've got to help be her support base and she can still be a doctor...just not right now.

Well it seems to be a baby explosion all over the country...
and I'm hitting, Babies R Us...and around the town...
to see what bargains I can get this wonderful little additions!

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