Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm a little tired....

I turned on the radio to hear a program discussing autism.
On the Christian station!
You'd think I would have been excited...but I wasn't!

I'm a little tired of

whatever you want to call it.

whatever label

you want to call it!

I'm tired of teachers starting with..
"He's really smart but seems withdrawn."
"All we can do is get him to draw during art."
"His test scores are through the roof but real work seems hard."
"He rushes through his work to write little stories."
"He only seems engaged in his math class."


Yes, they draw, play, Wii and sword fight more than the average.

But I like to draw and made money at doing just that.
My husband likes math and makes money doing just that.
When crisis strikes...we both have an ability to disconnect ourselves
to get whatever that needs to be done...done....

so some of those traits aren't all bad.

I'm a little tired of the word Autism, Aspergers, ADHD!

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Chef Penny said...

I get that way too! It's at those times that I put away all the autism things and crank up the praise music really loud! I rest in Him and start counting all my blessings. He never fails to renew me and give me strength that I never knew existed. ((((hugs)))))