Monday, September 13, 2010


Randonness at 10:07!

Yes...I'm still in what I wore to bed.

Yes...I haven't done my devotional...

spent too much time of facebook and twitter

and dinner isn't in the oven.


I've loved my family this morning...
lifting up prayers for them,

listening to music designed to point me to God.

cleaned up the breakfast onslaught and organized homework
area for the troops when they get back...

just random thoughts at 10:08!

1 comment:

bethany said...

I think you have your priorities straight. I realized recently, sort of an epiphany if you will, that my list of "to do's" for my day and God's list of "to do's" for my day are different. Mine include laundry, cleaning, making dinner, etc. But if I think about, what is on God's list for me today, it's things like: pray, do my best to be a good example to my kids, treat others, even the husband, as I want to be treated, and do everything on my list to the best of my ability, for Him.