Thursday, July 29, 2010

well I'm back on the wagon...weight loss that is...

Yesterday beneath the bluest skies on earth
I started back at something that started getting me back in shape last year.
The thing is...I stopped.

cold turkey!
Just stopped.

But beneath a blanket of baby blue and gentle ocean breezes...I started again.
I couldn't have asked for a better phone registered 74°...humidity 20%.

An activity that involves no additional money out of my pocket.
My children are welcomed and are involved.
It is right outside my doorstep.
It gets me out of the house.

Running behind my kids riding their bikes.

Last year I was doing it to make sure my 5 year old learned to ride.
Now I'm doing it so I'll be around when he's 25!

So I'm working on getting into shape.
Not dieting... that doesn't seem to work for me.
But getting back into shape.
I'm not sure where this is headed...
but I know I'll have to weigh in.

And this Saturday will be just as good as any.
See you with the dirt this Saturday!


Twisted Cinderella said...

Good for you! I just started at doing the same thing.

Erika at BluLabel Bungalow said...

Thanks for chiming in today Lorrie! I know what you mean...I need to go cold turkey myself and there's no time great and riper than now. I do hope you continue to document your journey on your blog.

-All the Best!