Thursday, June 03, 2010

well our vacation for the summer is on....

No... we won't be spending $300 on a vacation for 5 people for 4 days.

That was last year!
We had free housing.
We had free food.
We took the red car.

This year it's a wedding.
Our hotel is moderately priced.
We're feeding our army.
We're taking the van.

I'm trying to get things ready so...
I don't buy anything I don't have to...
STILL trying to squeeze in Legoland

I'm still undecided!
I know Bryson would LOVE legoland
but the bigger boys would get a kick out of Mexico.
The problem is Bill and I don't have passports...
and we'd have to get pass cards (at $25 for each of us...)

We'll have to see...


Bethany said...

I am scared to go to Mexico these days, BUT I always said I would take my kids to Tijuana to experience the poverty and hopefully instill in them some a) compassion (4 year olds peddling candy and begging) and b) appreciation for their very blessed lifestyle.

Lorrie said...

We're not going to Mexico. We don't want to pay for the pass cards. The beach and hotel pool will have to be enough. We're sharing a suite room with my dad so the cost will be even lower.