Friday, April 23, 2010

My Hawaiian I wants...

What I learned in Hawaii...

I want my oldest son to initiate... (that might not happen)

I want my middle son not to be such a follower (he's so desperate to stand out)

I want my youngest son to play (he's more of an orchestrator)

I want to really lose weight (snorkling overweight is exhausting)

I want to take my family back to Hawaii (to swim in a really warm ocean with fish around them)

I want adults to stop playing head games ( you don't have to push others down to look big yourself)

I want church folks to read the bible and apply that to church people (they know the words but don't put it into practice...scary!)

I want kids to stop laughing at the underdog (there is always a pecking order)

I think I want a girl (but she'll need a that's a scary thought)

I want my husband to have a real vacation (he never gets to get away, oh but I want to come too)
I want to go back to Hawaii (it only takes two movies and a grip of money, and probably's much nicer...)

I want to live with more fresh flowers in the house (there is no excuse I live in a fresh flower capital)

I want to eat more fresh fruit (and the cost shouldn't stop me)

I want to blog more even thought I don't have a camera (I'm in such a pouting mode)

I want to facebook less (I've even given up the tv)

I want to tweet more (I just can't text well)

I want this to end...and it shall now!


Bethany said...

I totally agree about the flowers. about a year ago I decided to budget $5/week for flowers. Sometimes I only spend $4, then other weeks I'll spend $7, but I average $20/month on flowers for my kitchen island.

If you have a strawberry/fruit stand near you like we do, I recommend them for flowers too. Ours sells beautiful bouquets grown right there by the strawberry field/stand for only $4. sometimes less at the end of the day.

Lorrie said...

Oh you're so right! I think I'm going to do that...I've forgotten about the fruit more than $3 or $4 bucks.