Saturday, February 06, 2010

Money me make this please!

OK... I have the sitter in place.
I've got the day taken care of...
my hubby is working this morning at the school
at a math competition for his Honor kids and
it dawned on me when I dropped him off...
That his anniversary plans this evening
(which I don't know exactly...)

...ummm can't happen!


We can't afford that and Snow camp for my hubby
and kids later on this month.

Plus my 6th grader is going to outdoor school with
his class and I just got a note yesterday that said the payment
has changed since they didn't get enough fundraising money!!!

So should I go out with him...
knowing whatever he might plan will come back
and bite me in the tush later in the month...

or say
I don't want to do anything tonight that cost more than
$20 because we've got 3 camp spots to pay for...
which will irritate him since I asked him to do all the planning?

What do you think?


Alicia said...

Hmmm...what if you both still go out, and do something really simple. Maybe go out for ice cream or coffee and then rent a movie. Have the boys go to bed early so you both can have some alone time!!

Beth in NC said...

I agree with Alicia. Not to steal her advice, but you can find something inexpensive and romantic. Right?

Lorrie said...

We did find something cheap and expensive. Time of dinner was changed to lunch. We ditched the expensive sitter for one of our youth and we split the sunset special! WOW! To top it off my hubby bought me gorgeous flowers from the veggie stand (since we live where they grow flowers and I LOVE THEM...God is so good!