Saturday, February 13, 2010

Do you compensate for pain?

Last week I had major dental surgery.
OK I'm not going into WHY!
Let's just say I ended up at two dentist...
and my regular dentist sent me to the dental surgeon.

After the swelling went down...
and I started to eat solid foods again...

I sat in my kitchen enjoying a cup of
broccoli, potato and cheese soup.
It was cold and balmy (for us anyway)
and I was sitting there enjoying the
hot and steamy veggies invading my
What a great change from jello and pudding.

Without of the pieces of potato
slide over to the "surgical area"...
I literally
grabbed the side of the table
ready to bear down for the pain I
knew was coming.

No pain...
heat, yes.
spice, yes.!


I had been compensating for pain on the side of my
mouth for so long that I didn't even realize I
was compensating for it.

Not until it was gone...did I realize I was
living with a mouth compensating for pain...

my mouth, my tongue, my hands...
everything compensated for pain...
I lived with so long...
I thought it was ok to be living with that pain.

See where I going?

What pain are you living with that really
isn't how your life is suppose to be?
What are compensating for that really
shouldn't be there?

I can't think of a verse off the top of my head,
but I'm sure there are many of them...
compensating live...

I don't want to live with that type of pain in my life.
Pain that shouldn't be there.
Fear that shouldn't be there.

I'm sure you don't want to either.
Let's live our lives where we don't have to compensate for pain.

We know we can't live our lives free from pain...
but some my tooth... I endured because I was too
lazy to get rid of it...
I was use to it...
and it was comfortable...even though painful.

Let's live our lives free from pain that we can get rid off...
The other stuff God will help us through!

Let's live our lives where we don't have to compensate...
for anything!


Lorrie said...

Hi Lorrie--what a great thought-provoking post this is. Your analogy to your dental pain is a very good one. I do think we get used to things like that because we lack the awareness or motivation to change. This post is a good nudge in the right direction.

Erin said...

Lorrie, what a fantastic post! I love when you dig deep and make us think!

Alicia said...

I love how just the trip to the dentist made for such an insightful post!!! Yes, I know..I hope I don't compensate or ever compromise!!!

Beth in NC said...

What a great analogy Lorrie! I can relate, and though I have two new crowns - I am still compensating because one is really cold sensitive. Argh.

But yes, I can think of something I'm compensating for in my life and it must go! You're right!

Love ya,