Monday, November 02, 2009

Palm Desert is BUST!

Well this week a family tradition changes...
typically the first week of November we stay in...
since my hubby is there for work.
(if you clicked on the link...I DO love that hotel resort!)

This year our little trip
will be interrupted by the
economic mess our great state is enduring.

See many teachers and the like
pounce upon this city to attend a math conference.
One of them for the past 8 years has been my hubby!

Well this help the economy (and our district budget was cut)
... we will not be attending.

Since my hubby only had to pay for half a hotel room...
we'd usually upgrade to a nicer place (and we'd come along)...
Plush desert oasis hotel... I won't be seeing you!
(ok I'll miss the hot year we had ALL the boys
and 3 boys in hot springs...well it was something to see.)

Well what is really at the heart of enjoying
this conference with my family?

It's time.
Time we set aside to be alone.
Trying out new vistas and taking time to invest in each other.

Well to be honest.

We can do this at home.

So we are.

This Friday and Saturday... I told my boys...
we are going on an adventure...

of sorts...

that's right in our own backyard.

My friend (who normally watches one of the boys this weekend) is still going to watch the Bill and I can have our evening out.
Plus they always get the biggest kick out of us going to another city and they're at home with relatives or friends.

I'm borrowing a really nice community pool and spa (so we'll all have a soak together)
and I'm getting some fun paper plates, etc. and pretend we're eating out.

No...we won't have the spa, the desert and the endless 200 mile drive...
but we'll have time set apart for family and we'll have fun!


Fairy Footprints said...

Oh camping is just as much fun in your backyard, you will have a wonderful time.

I hear ya on the budget cuts, my Mother in law is a Math teacher for the Paradise valley school district here in Arizona and her budget was cut too, I think it's a really sad thing, we accpect our teacher's to teach our children, but our congress isn't willing to pay them? How wrong is that? Hang in there sweety you are much appreciated.

Blessings to you and yours,

~ Mama said...

Yes, sadly our budgets at school have been cut tremendously too. But where a door closes a window opens, right? Have a wonderful time, can't wait to hear about the adventures!

Lorrie said...

ok...thanks to Bethany for getting the "dessert" out of my "desert"...since the 3rd grade I get the two of them mixed up and I just can't get UNSTUCK! Just a little typo.... ha! I will be taking my camera around this weekend...but no swimwear photos of me...ha!

Alicia said...

Bummers about it being cancelled, but good for you for coming up with something on your own!!