Monday, October 05, 2009

Well I've gone and done it...

Dear Lorrie,

We regret to inform you have been put on probation from the "decent mother's" club. The most recent offense involving your 5 year being dragged to two back to school hour past his little bed time. Said 5 year olds was seen having a TOTAL melt down and you were seen completely ignoring it. Something about seeing an old high school friend and not letting that "crumb catcher" stop your conversation.
We also have the following items on file.
Please see the list below.

1. You attempted and completed a kartwheel...knowing you have a bad knee and are carrying extra weight. If you landed in the hospital...who would take care of the kids? Mothers are NOT to be involved with having fun with their children...they might think you aren't stern.

2. You allowed your children to eat cereal for dinner when your husband wasn't in attendance last Wednesday. This is a quite grievous offense. All dinners should include something from each food group...and no tacos do not count.

3. were stopped at the grocery store with sweat pants that were akin to sleepwear. We've combed every big box store and indeed they were sleepwear...(Please see Target sleep pants from 2007). A proper mother always leaves the house...dressed impeccable (gloves and hat preferred) ... you never know who you might meet.

4. One of your children was heard saying something "not too nice" and you didn't immediately shame and embarrass them in public. Children are to be seen and not heard. You shouldn't pull them aside...that takes from the shame factor.

5. One boy was seen with hair past the 1/4 inch factor. All boys must have hair no longer than 1/4 inch from the crown of their head. No exceptions.

We the Good mothering committee of 1968 would take your "mothering" license...but we feel it would be better if we put you on probation...this way we feel we're giving you time to clean up your act.

To be taken off probation please complete the following:

1. Dress by OUT shorts, stretch pants, jeans or tennis shoes for one week.
2. Your children should behave 100% of the time in 100% of the situations... by whatever means necessary.
3. You must have well balanced meals of big globs of beef, mouth watering greasy sides (as long as their green) and heart clogging biscuits or rolls at each meal.

Thank you for your time. Please see these are done as soon as possible.

The 1968 Mothering Committee.


Joley H. said...

Dear 1968 Mothering Commmittee:

Bite me,

Love, 2009 "We do our Best and live with the Rest" Mothering Committee


PS: luv you lady!

Deborah Ann said...

This is hilarious! I'm 'guilty as charged' too.

Come visit me today:

I just launched a bloggers club, it's a scream!

mimi said...

LOL! You are so funny. I'm betting my license is suspended as well ;)

Erin said...

ROFL!! You have company...I've been trying to keep up a workout schedule, so I've hit the grocery store and Costco in sweaty workout clothing. My husband inquired as to what my children had eaten for breakfast and looked askance when I cheerfully replied, "Cookies" (hey, they were homemade!) You did a cartwheel?! You go, girl!

Yep, it is going to be crowded in the penalty box!

PropellerHeadMom said...

Based on the items in this letter, I must be on double secret probation! Cheerios are much healthier than chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes :-)