Sunday, October 04, 2009

Goofing around video...


This video was shot July 4 after Billy got his sax just 4 days earlier.
The playing is a little rough...but I wouldn't be able to do what he did in 4 days of playing.
This was before we started with his saxophone teacher (which is another post all together.)

My big boy is playing his sax today...and is improving everyday!
I've decided to start showing my boys doing things they love with video.
If I could just get another sim chip...I could shoot something longer.
Well have a blessed weekend...


Nathan said...

Kewl mom I am next.

Lorrie said...

Great! My middle son somehow has an email account...need to find out how this happened. He's NOT suppose to have a gmail account.

Lorrie said...

Situation solved. His older brother helped him set up one because he asked...hello...why should does the older follower the younger.