Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday weigh in...something is up.

Well it's time to check in with my weight...
and since I'm out of town today....




get on the scale a day early Friday morning..

hold on...let me go and weight myself...


are you still holding...

ok I'm back...

well the verdict is....

up 4 lbs....

now several things could be contributing to this..

1. my girlfriend/cousin red (ok it's probably not this...this week)
2. several Taco bell slip ups.... (did I mention my crew was under the weather...)
3. when I "perceive" I'm not making all in the universe happy...I kinda eat. (that's no excuse either.)
4. I did NO exercise this week...I mean NONE.
5. Trying to be creative with we've had a few too many this week...we were celebrating their return. now we know where to start...under the bottom.


Fairy Footprints said...

Oh dieting is so hard. And then when the stress hits it's even harder. I have been dieting for nine months now, and it has been extremely hard, cooking meals for the kids, but not getting to eat it. I have lost 110pounds and man its been hard. I still have 60 to go yup I was obese but still hanging in there. Stay strong, hold on, and look to the Lord for the strength you need. God bless you.


Dani Joy said...

Ok.. Laurie, Tomorrow is a new week. You can do it.
Have you tried to substitute sugar treats with sugar free. I am sure you have but it´s a real must.
Salt also plays a big part in water retention. Taco bell prob. has a lot of salt. do you do a taco bell salad? maybe once a week would be ok... If I eat out I have to take all the bread off and eat minimum then for other meals make sure I don´t eat much.
Remember to drink 2 quarts of water a day.
Here is a link to do some walking in the house if you can´t get out. It´s so fun.
you can look under the workout videos. You can also track your weight on their scales. its all free and private.
Get back on that wagon girl! I am with ya!
We can do all things through Christ!

chubskulit said...

I just don't weigh myself anymore these days lol...

You've got a pretty nice blog so I am following it now.. Got here from hubby's page hehehe... Have a blessed Sunday!

Joops said...

Hi Ms. Lorrie, I am with you on checking weights hehehe.. just weighed myself after my work out today and I am off 5 pounds yohiooooo..

By the way, thanks for following my blog.. I am now following this blog too..

Joops said...

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