Thursday, October 15, 2009

Friday Photo Flashback

Well it's Friday and it's time for
Friday Photo Flashbacks.

That's where we take our pre-digital pictures, scan them...
and show them off. It's a fun meme Alicia started...

Well I've gone back to December 29, 1972... (date on the picture)

The days after Christmas were always a great time in our family.

My dad was a civilian employee then and would take the two weeks off.

His brothers (the one from the old fisherman's post) would come down

and hang and eat at our house.

Here we are...

My cousin Lessa, myself Lorrie, and my little sister LaMonica
(scary...she's taller than me know)
Her mother (my aunt) couldn't care for her so they asked around the family for someone to take this cute little girl.
We were only three months apart and at first it looked like she was going to be adopted by our family...but my mom got pregnant with my sister so she ended up with my aunt who didn't have any children yet.

When she was 12...things were rocky at home and she lived with us for a while.

It wasn't the same since we were all so different then...
but every year at family reunions...

we'd all come back and hang just like sisters...the three L's.

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sweet_shelo said...

How cute.. I can tell that you were so happy in here as you have your sweetest grin..

Alicia said...

AWw! What a sweet story about your cousin!! I remember picking up right where we left off when it came to our cousins.

I love all your outfits too. Looks like something I'd put on my youngest. Tights and riding boots! Love it!

chubskulit said...

Oh my, I love those boots! Three beautiful Roses!

I dug out my high school memories hehehe.

Also, I would like to ask a small favor if you could. We entered our daughter into a smile contest. If you could please cast a vote for her, it would be so much of a help!

To cast your vote, please go to this link. Please look for Jillian Rylie Cottrill. Thank you very much for your help!

Joops said...

Sweet memories!

Check out my Goofy Childhood mage hehehe..

mimi said...

Look at those cute. I love the shag rug....and all the plaid.

Oh my, those boots are too cool!

grace fancubit said...


Fairy Footprints said...

Hello I am so happy to meet you, thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday. I love your blog, your family is so darling. What a great family photo you looked darling. Have a wonderful weekend.


Janice said...

What a lovely story of family caring for each other. Thanks for sharing your memory.

Anonymous said...

I always wished I had a sister.

Muthering Heights said...

I just love all of your outfits!

GoddessDionna said...

Hi! I love your blog. Thus, I am now following you. I hope you can check out my spot and follow me as well.

Thanks and much love,
The Goddess Dionna

Erin said...

That is an adorable picture, but the story says it is family, even when it gets rocky. I love that you three Ls still get together.

Well Watered Woman said...

Oh Lorrie what a sweet picture and memory. You all look adorable.
I so enjoy enjoy my visits to your spot on the shore. So much so that I've given you the Kreativ Blogger award.
Be sure to stop by the Well to check it out.
Hugs and blessings,


Dani Joy said...

such cuties! What a blessing she had a home and wonderful family.