Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday weigh in...moving on...

Well the ups and downs are here.


last week's up four lbs.

I'm happy to report

that an actual loss

of 6 lb. on the scale (minus the 4 water weight lbs of last week)

ok...before we say...

that's only 2 lbs.

That's with just diet alone

I cut out the fast food

except for a slip up at In and Out....

and a slip up at Taco Bell...

and that Starbucks Pumpkin Bread
(I don't even get coffee...just the bread)

but next week....

I've got to get out there and exercise...

unfortunately Harvest stuff is coming down the pike...

and I'm determined to avoid it.

I'm putting myself around "healthy folks"...hang with people who exercise and

don't talk about food. (well there goes date hubby and I LOVE to eat out together)

Have you noticed that people who have food issues (whether too fat or too thin...)

talk about food (I'm totally in that group)!

I'm tired of doing that.

And I have friends who all we do is "eat" together very unhealthy things....

So my ice cream run after we pick up our kids after kinder will have to turn into walking at the park or beach...all we want to do is talk...we don't need to put calories on it too!

The healthy living marches on!

I'm working on
which is losing
14 lbs around my 41th birthday.

Next week's emphasis: more activity...more activity...more activity.

Oh on a serious note...just read a blog mom I love to read whose going I'm considering that...but maybe just for
my weight
and family
and kid's school
and homeschooling withdraws
and hubby's work
issues. (ok so I just should make the whole thing private)
It's not the folks who I know in "real" life that are the's the folks that I know from just blogging who put a piece I "spilled" here and a piece I've "spilled" there and want to facebook, twitter or aim me...
kind of scary!



Gloria said...

Keep going girl, we've all been there and maybe confessing all will help you to stick to the programme! Will be checking back to see how you go:)

Alicia said...

You're so funny, Lorrie!! My friend and I are planning on walking together a couple of time a week and also keep each other accountable for what we eat. We'll see how long that lasts! LOL

Beth in NC said...

You made me laugh because YOU SOUND LIKE ME.

I would miss you if you went private.

mimi said...

I think you are doing a great job!! It's hard not to have a treat here and there ;)

It was a hard decision for me to go private...I think it will be good for my soul. I think?? I figure that I can always go back to "open" if I, I can take you along on my private walk. So, it's private but w/ friends :)

Lorrie said...

Did great today exercise wise...but food...was alright...if I don't mess up this evening. Walked a large hill at a pumpkin pass (ok this is So. Cal...a hill is really a hill (it took us quite a while and we went up like 280 ft. from sea level for 20 minutes). Birthday party for neighbor and did good until the cake came my way...always room for that needs to be the rest for today!