Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mom....roll the window down!

August 18, 2009

12:43 p.m.

End lane of large suburban street, 
Riding in burgundy colored mini van - going the posted speed limit (my little police man's in the car...)

Driving back from Target with our wares, 
frozen goods and slightly over priced snack foods t
he sky is stone gray.  It's not hot...but it's not cold either. 

The station is on my favorite preacher, a middle aged black man whose in between verses and he's yelling and talking of hell fire and damnation! I'm driving slowly so I can take everything in he's saying.

I rolled up my window.

Out of no where my middle one ROLLS his HUGE almond eyes at me and says...

"Mom...roll your window down.!"

"Why?" I'm asking him, slightly annoyed at his tone.

"If we just roll our windows down...everyone will hear the preacher talking on the radio and maybe they won't end up going to hell."

Well I was about to go at him for saying "hell" but he was right.

I rolled my window done and smiled his way.


Alicia said...

Future evangelist????? :)

SILVIA said...

love it!..how cute was that?
good to be back my friend i missed you, i hope you are having a great summer although its always summer there;-)..
what are u gonna do with all the time when the kids are back to school??stay away from shopping ok..lol..
its good to be home..i'll be back later..xx

Lorrie said...

Silvia good to hear from you. I won't have much time...I'm finally starting my bedroom and need to upload the pictures of the pillows I'm basing stuff on...

@Alicia - sometimes I do wonder...God DOES have a sense of humor...

Country Life Girl said...

Enjoyed that. Glad you are feeling better.

Bethany said...

Ha I love it! I can totally picture the scene in my mind like I'm watching it on video!

nilliebillie said...

He's either black or white about everything. I can hear his squeaky voice now.

Erin said...

Too cute!

Laura Boley said...

That is the most amazing story ever!! :)

Beth in NC said...

Wow. Kids can be so amazing. WTG son!