Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our...not so...little hope

Well this afternoon something monumental is happening!

My oldest is graduating from the 8th grade in all regular college prep classes. Now before you go and say...lots of kids do this...This is a praise and we are blessed from the Lord because of this... and when you finish reading you'll see why.
(The above photo is from last week with Bry and his cousin Missy)

May 2009, William with his piano teacher

Well...My child will not be receiving any accolades or honors...and the majority of his classmates don't even know he exists.
I know...This might not seem like a blessing...
but just a few years ago...everyone knew him because he was that kid who had an aide follow him all day.

2008 with his piano teacher at her house for recital

His name will not be on the honor roll but he's holding down a solid B average.
I know...Most parents don't think B's are a blessing...not a typical blessing...
but just a few year's ago I would have practically PAID for any B grade to appear on his report card.

He's not in student counsel, yearbook and has never played soccer.
OK...again, this is not your typical blessing...
but with all that free time he can focus on being in the band and working on his homework.

William and his piano teacher 2005

10 years ago last month I sat in a cheery-looking air-conditioned UCLA neurology office with this same sweet child in my lap. I was crying and begging for answers to all the questions I had and they couldn't give me anything concrete. They hinted he might never talk.  They hinted that his IQ was very low.  They hinted he might never go to a "typical" school...there was a lot of hinting...but no answers.

Under my breath I prayed...

"All I'm hoping for is for him to call me "mom" and I'm hoping he can go to a regular kindergarten."

A typical kindergarten.

That's all I could see at the moment...

but God had bigger things planned. Proverbs 16:3 - Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed.

Well it turns out all the doctors and psychologist aren't God and he did attend a regular kindergarten. Today we're celebrating our 8th grader for being what God has given us...

not a typical blessing.
He's a great child with creativity and intelligence that astounds us.

Congratulations William!  
Thanks for teaching your dad and I how to hope for things that don't seem possible. 
God's not done with you yet.

Oh, and for him calling me mom...After I've home schooled the younger ones...Every afternoon at 3:18 p.m. the front door bursts open and someone's screaming (in a progressively deepening base voice)...

"Moooooom...I'm home!"


Alicia said...

Lorrie...that is awesome!!!

Another testimony of how God has the final say!!! Let Gods word be true and every man a liar!!

Congratulations to your honor student!!!

♥RocĂ­o♥ said...

to you and your son!
My son has ADHD and we do not give him any meds. He had a hard time in school this year but Thank God he made it to the third grade with a "B+". That grade for me is like a A+ because God knows how hard we worked!!!
Thanks for sharing♥!!
♥♥♥ Have a ☺LOVELY☺ WEDday!!♥♥♥

Lorrie said...

My oldest is not medicated for his issues...but I'm not oppose to it. I just think God has different tools for different people. Thanks, and I'm so proud your son has a B+ as well. Blessings.

mimi said...

Lorrie! I love that boy of yours!! Congratulations to him on his graduation....on everything. He is a sweet boy and the Lord knew just what he was doing when he chose YOU for his mom. Truly!

God bless you my friend!

LisaShaw said...

Beautiful testimony of God's amazing grace!

Congratulations William!

Blessings and peace~

Everybody's Mama said...

God is so big...praising Him with you! What a testimony and encouragement!

Darcie said...

Awww...what a touching story!!!

Congratulations to your son...a special day indeed.

Erin said...

Blessings! Congratulations on your son's achievements and to you for having the faith to know who really lived in his heart. Experts never trump a mom's wisdom.

Daphine said...

Wow! Congrats to your son!