Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day...just in time!

Well Father's Day is almost finished and with all the hoopla around here...I forgot to post here.
Let me say...
Happy Father's Day to my daddy who's out of it up in the south as he would say. 
Happy Father's Day to all the dad's and my husband as well...

Happy Father's Day to the single mom's who sometimes are both mom and dad.
Happy Father's Day to the grandmas who raise their grandkids.
Happy Father's Day to the granddads who raise their grandkids.

Oh...just happy Father's Day!  It's too late to think.

Just a note.

I'll be off line tomorrow...moving my computer around...
but I'll be back Tuesday!

(didn't get my act together to schedule a post.)



Alicia said...

Hi Lorrie!

I hope your day was great!!!!

Have a wonderful night!

Beth in NC said...

I hope your family had a great day!

Darcie said...

Hope you had a great Fathers Day in your corner of the world!