Saturday, June 20, 2009

Firefighters, forgotten shoes and random fun...

Blogger alert...Blogger alert... random thoughts ahead... random thoughts ahead!

Last Saturday was a day of randomness.... everything seemed that way!

The morning was spent watching youth running around flinging hoses,
washing cars, and earning camp money and my little one and his buddy, 
Mae were getting antsy.  Well a friend from his 
Sunday School class, Max was going to see
his "grandpa" at "work" and Bry and Mae tagged along...
It turns out Max's Grandpa is the city fire chief.  Pretty cool job!
So we jumped at the chance to tag along.

Max and Bry played inside the new fire engine!

I wonder what he's telling Bry 'cause Bry is deep in thought.

After we left the firehouse...the car wash was winding down and 
one of our youth needed a ride to feed her lamp.
(told you...this day was just random)

She invited Bry inside the pins to feed the lamb.

What got left at the firehouse?

Bad mama!
Bad mama!

How could we travel from one city to the next
...without me recognizing my child was missing a shoe?

So Nicole carried him the whole time...

Bry you're cute...but heavy!

What a smile for carrying 45 lbs on your back.

On a side's weird to see one of my kids without the other two more often than not.
The difference in their ages are starting to show.
My older boys are 13 and 11.  They're doing things
so different than the 5 year old.

Just random thoughts.



Martha said...

Awwww, looks like y'all had a blast. I love random thoughts!! Psst, is Nicole walking a um..... sheep?!? o_O

mimi said...

I love random thoughts....I have them all the time;) What a fun day. It's funny how the age difference matters less as they get older. My sis is 10 yrs older, doesn't seem it anymore :)

Alicia said...

That is one thing my kids have not done yet!! I still want to take them on a field trip there! Maybe this summer!!

I know what you mean about the age gap! My two older kids seem to have a schedule of their own at times! Trippy, isn't it?