Friday, May 01, 2009

what do you think?

o.k. so here's my question...
Is it o.k. to go to clubs, bars, outings that don't involve your husband/wife?  I had a conversation with a friend this morning and we both like dancing.  She gets to dance at military functions and I get to dance at weddings.  We both joked that we should leave your husbands at home and go dancing.  We laughed about it for a while and then I thought...would that really be a good thing to do?  As Christians we aren't suppose to put ourselves in tempting places and give the devil even a hint of a foothold.  Well we aren't going dancing...but we are planning on transforming our living rooms one day and having a dancing club.  Oh...I forgot...her daughter just turned 13 so we did a lot of dancing at her house just recently.

What do you think?  Is it o.k. for Christian moms to go to sushi bars? clubs? and dance halls? without their husbands?  I already know my answer...but I'm curious what you think?

Now I've got to get back to school for my son...he's dancing around getting his work done.


SILVIA said...

yes,once in while,why not?is fun to get together with friends sometimes, but you know i really dont like to go out that much these days anymore,i dont know if it is that i'm always feeling so tired or because i'm getting a little old?
thank you for coming by my blog and your beautiful words ,you are a great lady....i'll be back later, till then have a great weekend my friend...

Beth in NC said...

I don't think my husband would feel comfortable with it. I know I wouldn't if HE wanted to go out without me. Even though no harm is intended ... it is a great way to put yourself in a bad position.

Just my opinion.

Lorrie said...

I was just curious. My husband wouldn't probably feel comfortable with it either. He wouldn't mind me going...not a trust issue...he'd be more concerned about someone from church seeing me. I just don't think it's a good thing being a mom and all just putting yourself out there in non-motherly places. I don't remember my mom doing stuff like that. Our autism group had a girl's night out. When they do it at homes or restaurants I always go but when they're at bars, etc. I pass. Just curious on opinions. Sometimes I don't know if I'm being a prude or discerning. It's a fine line.

Love Abounds At Home said...

I for one love to dance. I don't think my husband would appreciate me clubbing with the girls. All my life I remember dancing. I was 3 years old and remember being put on the hood of the car and dancing. I couldn't do it because I use to dance before my life was changed. I would wear the most immodest clothes....well, okay I confessed I dressed like a garden tool. So for me to allow myself to go clubbing would not be good. I don't want to align myself with a familiar atmosphere. I have no desire to go. So to answer you're question, it is wrong for me to go.
But if you want or anybody else want to come over to the house and have a girls night of dancing I'm all for it :)

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh...this post totally relates to me! Can you tell I'm excited about it????

First off..I don't want to sound "legalistic" or judgmental because that is sooooo not me!!!

For me personally, I don't think it would be right to go to a club or bar w/out my husband. Honestly, I wouldn't be comfortable going even WITH my husband. Like somebody had mentioned, it's not a trust issue. It's just the whole appearance of evil factor! Even if I sat there all night, it still wouldn't make a difference. I'm still there.

Now...let me tell you, my husband and I used to go dancing ALL THE TIM before we got married, and naturally, after kids, and also with having Christ in our lives, dancing at a club is the furthest thing from our minds. However, we still like to dance and will dance with our kids! BUT...we have Christian friends who like to dance too. You know what we do when there is a birthday party? We ALL dance together, including the kids, and dance to fun, clean music. Now, I'll admit, we do throw in some old school, but not the ones that have vulgar words, or talk about sex. Not at all. We all have such a good time, and no, we're not switching partners and dancing w/ each others spouses..LOL! You should see like 20 of us trying to do the electric slide!! Ha!

Also, one of my friends had a get together with just women! There were 8 of us, and we ate and danced in her living room till midnight!! That is wayyyyy better than being at a club or bar...any day!!!

Okay..I totally went off, but this post was right up my alley!!!


OH..and if you ever feel like looking through my blog, you can see how I posted on those times! In fact, I recently put up a short video of my two younger boys popping at our home fellowship!!!! :)

Lorrie said...

Yeah...we do old school over here. It's just too embarrassing when they ask you kid what's they're favorite song at church and he screams..."Ladies mean Landslide." Well that looks really good for the youth pastor's youngest son. LOL! :)

And you're right Alicia...clubbing in the house is WAY better than clubbing in a club anyway. I'm not planning on going anywhere...we were just curious. Plus I always dance at if anyone has any kids getting ready to get married...I've got my dancing shoes on.

Erin said...

You've already gotten some good answers...the easiest way to think of it would be to ask if you'd want your husband hitting the bars and clubs with his buddies. Girls hitting on him, everyone drinking...yeah, I didn't think so. (I know I wouldn't be cool with that.) So, no I don't think it is good for women to go out like that without their just sets up a bad precedent: separate entertainment can easily become separate lives.

momstheword said...

I don't know anything about what a sushi bar is like. But I would not go dancing or clubbing.

What some people might call "harmless" isn't really harmless when you are flirting with temptation. Not only that, we are to avoid even the appearance of evil, like you said.

However, I do go out to Mcdonalds with my gal friends sometimes. That's always fun.

We like to socialize as a family and have done so since the kids were little.

You have a lovely blog, my friend, and I hope to "see" more of it!

Loved your wedding picture. I am doing Alicia's meme too!

Bethany said...

Nope, I feel clubbing or anything like that would be inappropriate for a Christian let alone a married person without their mate. I remember how proud I was when my husband skipped the bachelor party of a friend even though he was in the wedding party. It was after the rehearsal dinner and there was a lot of peer pressure for him to go, but he knew it was going to be in an inappropriate place for a married Christian man, so he came home with wifey instead.

Hope you'll still be at our next Girls Night Out dinner group, though, girl!

A Stone Gatherer said...

I just plain say NOPE! I agree with you about giving the devil a foot hold. I understand the desire to dance I like it too, but if my husband isn't there I wouldn't feel comfortable. Good question!

Lorrie said... know I'm on for Chili's...we just have tooo much fun! Plus we don't hang in the bar it's us a table with a bunch of girls making fun of our kids and ourselves...and of course there's know how I feel about that.

Lorrie said... know I'm on for Chili's...we just have tooo much fun! Plus we don't hang in the bar it's us a table with a bunch of girls making fun of our kids and ourselves...and of course there's know how I feel about that.

Love Abounds At Home said...

I did find a song that we can all dance to when we have a party at my house. It's by Mary Mary and it's called "The Real Party"

licia31 said...

I'm the single one, so I can only speak on what I've seen ;) For my friends, it depends on the relationship. Some go out w/ the girls & others do not. But I do think that it's nice to have time to yourself w/ your friends. It may not necessarily have to be the club though. I personally, got over the club scence early on in college. It wasn't for me.