Saturday, May 02, 2009

"I think I'll take a walk outside now"...(tune to Sunshine day by the Brady Bunch)

Good morning y'all.  Well I didn't get as much water in me like I had hoped, but they DO recognized me at the gym now.  I got the Crystal light water stuff but it's still in the pantry.  I did try some water on sale at Target that was flavored and it's YUMMY...but at a $1.00 a bottle...that's just not sensible.

I slipped a bit on Thursday but the scale is registering 
(drumroll please)

....2 lbs lighter.  I can't remember what the total is because I'm still to shy to post my ACTUAL weight. I have it listed somewhere. the time you read this I should be walking outside in the Ventura sunshine with NAMI.  Our church has a group and we're having some clean fun in the sun.  Next week I really need to work on..healthy eating...stress eating and exercising.  I have Mother's Day coming up so that's going to be difficult in terms of temptation. Every year I think..."well I'll have a pity party since my mom's in heaven so I have license to eat at will." NOT!  My mom wasn't heavy until she was in her 50s so I don't even have genetics as an excuse.
Pray that I don't yield.
Thanks for the prayers...they are coveted.


Alicia said...

Hi Lorrie!!!
I understand the struggle and temptations...especially when eating out for special occasions! I need to start walking again too!!!

I'll be praying!

Darlene said...

I love that song from the Brady Bunch! I understand temptations! Chocolate and junk food is a weakness for me. I am having some tests run next Friday so I hope the cleaning out you have to do for the test will give me a jump start on eating healthier and hopefully give me a boost to walk!
I too am not looking forward to Mother's Day. My daughter Andrea has not talked to me going on 7 months ...boy is this hard. She is running from God and us! I believe that God will bring her back. But the waiting is soo hard.
Saying a prayer for you next week!
Enjoy the weekend and your walk!

Love Abounds At Home said...

I pray that you don't yield to temptation. I have one word for you....RUN!
Congrats and keep up the good work :)

licia31 said...

Praying for you!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Hey Lorrie! Good on ya girl! I'm impressed. I told myself this week I'll get back to healthier eating patterns. Yep!

And goodness...I would not want to not be able to play with leggos! Heavens to Betsy...THAT would be bad! Your, and your year olds choice is my current front runner

Sisters Of Honor said...

I too am working on drinking more water. We can do it.

A Stone Gatherer said...

Hey if you need encouragement I'm here! We have been doing the Biggest Loser at our church and I am down about 26lbs. I so understand what you are talking about in all areas! Especially the stress eating! Way to go on the 2 pounds!