Saturday, May 09, 2009

Weighing in....

O.k. so I went to weigh in and if I use the doctor's scale...(had to see the doctor) 
I'm down 4 lbs. - NOT. We all know scales are different so if I use my own scale I'm down....

.8 of a lb.
That's almost a pound right?

Basically I've lost close to 1 lb. this week. (That's making me laugh...)
Could it be the chocolate covered strawberry I had last Sunday, the Cold Stone Creamery I had Monday?  Was it the Tacos I made Tuesday (and they were good...? The leftovers from said Tacos on Wednesday?  We had pasta on Thursday for Family Night...and I choose to share a candy bar my son had after dinner?  Maybe it's the burger I've had at the park on Thursday with some moms who homeschool...

I did successfully turn down an "ice cream" sandwich at my sister's house Friday night...but that's the only refusing of food I can think of.

Well bottom line is I'll keep working on it and at least I didn't gain anything.

Goal for this week...more gym time and play with my kids at the park instead of sitting and watching or talking.

Oh and by the way...the doctor actually wrote on my chart I'm to lose weight by the end of the month.....uugggghhhhh! The top number of my blood pressure is normal but the bottom one is close to high....ugggghhhhhhh!!

I will keep pressing on and prayers would be coveted.
Happy Mother's Day in advance!


Everybody's Mama said...

Keep at it, friend! Try not to obsess to much over each thing you have eaten over the course of the week. Instead try to take it a day at the time. striving to handle just that day, that meal or snack even. If you messed up yesterday balance it out today by doing better. You'll get there! :)

Bethany said...

You reminded me: I have occasionally lived by a funny system I made up because I was tired of not getting "credit" for the things I DIDN'T eat, like that ice cream sandwich you turned down. I would give myself a point for each thing I DIDN'T eat that I was tempted to. When I got to like 10 points I would let myself have the next treat that came my way. Repeat.
It worked for about 5 pounds each time I did it.

Lorrie said...

That's a great system...I'm going to try that.

SILVIA said...

a pound more a pound less i'll keep coming by cuz you are the best!!!!.lol..
just came by to wish you a happy mothers day tomorrow,i hope you have a great day my friend..