Thursday, May 07, 2009

Grateful for my mom...

(My mom at the same age I am now...cute top Mommy!)

Well I figured I'd better post about my mom today...since it's close enough to Mother's Day to be a good time...but far out enough not to reduce me to an emotional wreck.

Well I always idolized my mother...and still do.
She grew up in a poor (I mean poor)...hick ('s true) home in the middle of tall Mississippi pines growing in blazing red dirt. There small home had five rooms. A kitchen, a boys room (which became a bathroom in the 50s), a girl's room, a master bedroom (if you could call it that) and the parlor.

My mom was the youngest girl of 10 and the second to the last. She grew up with the best and worst of the situations of a small home overrun with kids. I don't know much about her upbringing...she was very quiet about that. I've gleaned from various sources that it might have been abusive. Her favorite brother...the oldest...went into the war in 1939 and they said she cried so long when she left. I'm suspecting that he protected her alot.  Because of her childhood...we were VERY sheltered growing up. The flipside of that is my mom always made our home a fun place to be. That way she'd keep an eye on us. Even when I didn't come home right away from school (due to a talking detention) friends would come to my house...without get a snack and have MY mom ask about their day.

My mom did many things well. For one...she married my dad. Many folks say this so I'm not alone...out of 8 brothers...she picked one of the more God fearing loyal ones.

She also had a knack for cleaning, decorating, entertaining, cooking and sewing. She so desperately tried to teach me those things...but I had cruising, curfews, and cute Christian boys on my mind. I was so busy with trying to get out of her house I didn't realize that there were so many things I needed to learn. (I came back with my tail-tucked in my 20s...but ohhh it's so hard to learn on the fly.) She'd laugh as I'd burn Bill's dinner or or try to make "green" dressing...too much sage Lorrie...and then she'd put her apron on and save the day.

We were very close.  Probably too close for our own when she contracted lymphoma in March of 96 my sister and I were devestated.  My mom, in between chemo and shunts being put in, did what she did best...cooked and hosted a family reunion for 100 folks at her home...there were wall to wall people ALL over her house. 

Spiritually my mom wouldn't consider herself a giant.  She was baptized at an early age as they do in Mississippi, but didn't come to know the Lord until sometime in her 30s. She slept with a bible next to her bed and she could be found "digging out treasures". She was the women who ALWAYS worked the kitchen, the nurses station (she was an RN) and mission circles. But any mother who prays with her children, takes them to church, tells them what's right from wrong according to the bible is a spiritual giant in my book.

She was always so careful about her looks in her 30s and 40s...but God humbled her in that department.  She got diabetes a few years before she passed away and went from being a little overweight to obese. She lost some weight when she got sick...and always joked it was the best diet.

As uptight as I am...she was always laid back. We're blessed to have her diary she kept and she was so grateful and used the word blessed on every page. I'm still amazed how she worked a business, cooked and cleaned and acted like..."Oh I just put it together".  How'd she do that?

Of course folks aren't perfect...and my mother wasn't either. She was obsessed about spiders and anything crawling. She LOVED to shop, and although she was never in debt, but once said... "I could do more for ministry if I stayed out of the malls." She was probably too laid back and would often do more than necessary in group situations. She let her brothers and others borrow too much money and when a kid was acting bad in Mississippi or California, they'd send them to my mom's house.

Well like I said yesterday...a good mom is one where her children will rise up and praise her. Mommy although you're in I'm blessed and Praise God for you.

So what are you doing today in radioland? and  one day when I see my mom and Jesus in heaven..."I'm gonna be so hhaaappppppyyy."(sorry inside joke for my sister.)


Lorrie said...

Here I am commenting on my own blog again...I really miss my mom...she would have LOVED blogging, HGTV, scrapbooking and so many other things...oh...and her grandsons...they would be even more spoiled then they are. Oh...I'm getting teary...I'm going to call my sister.

Bethany said...

I wish I could have met your mom. I'm sorry your boys have lost both their grandmas.

Love Abounds At Home said...

I was hesitant to read this. So glad I did. I miss my mom so much.

Anonymous said...

My mom and I was very close also,
your blog brought back many wonderful memories of my mom and me and I got teary too.
Though its been 12 years since she went to be with Jesus, I still get very emotional and teary when I think of her and even worst when I talk about her and speak her name.
need some tissue now...

Lorrie said... would have like my mom. She was blessed with very compliant (always for other adult) girls like yourself. She took great pride in us always behaving in every arena we were in...(and we did too). Yeah...she would have like you...but she would have tried to "bling" you up a bit...she just wasn't a khaki and tan girl...she hated that about me. Oh boy...I'm heading down hill...I feel so sorry for Bill go hug your mom through the phone.

And JSmooth...we're in the same boat...(I don't like the boat we're in) know...I don't speak my mom's actual name either...note I didn't put it in the article...I just couldn't...and I don't wear those stinky carnations on Mother's Day either...I try to wear a pin or something. Dragonflies mean I usually wear one...since once day we'll all be immortal.

Beth in NC said...

She sounds like she was a wonderful Mom. What a blessing to have had her. And what a greater blessing to know she is with Jesus!

I know you miss her. I pray Mother's Day will be full of sweet smiles for you!

Much love!

Alicia said...

Lorrie..that was just beautiful! Your mom sounds like she was a very Godly woman!! Isn't it wonderful that you will see her again!!!!!

MOMSWEB said...

Bless your heart. Happy Mother's Day to you and love on your children a little more for your mom. Glad I dropped by.

Anonymous said...

My mom and I are very close. This was such a sweet tribute to yours. She obviously raised you right!

Everybody's Mama said...

Thanks for sharing this, Lorrie. Your mom sounds like an awesome lady! How wonderful that her legacy lives on through her children and grandchildren.

A Stone Gatherer said...

Wonderful tribute to your mother! She sounded like a wonderful example!

Sisters Of Honor said...

What a pretty picture. I must say you look just like her. Thank you for sharing.