Sunday, April 05, 2009

Why go to church if you don't feel like it?

Sundays are always a great day when you head down to the local bible believing and teaching church.  Why do I force...and I do mean force sometimes...myself to go to church?  Once I get in the car...I'm glad I'm going.  

It's usually laziness, the enemy, or just lack of preparation that makes me anxious any given Sunday.  Sometimes I tell myself...just get dress and go...and if you feel any worse...then turn back and go home.  I usually never do.

Plus people say they worship God in nature, they feel close to God on a boat or at the beach. Baloney!  They might comment on God's creation...but they don't actively worship in nature.  You just can't do that on the 9th hole.

Well no 9th hole for me...I'm heading off to worship to Lord.

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