Friday, March 13, 2009

My pastor. My new fb friend? My new fb friend.

Well you all know that I'm just in love with facebook.  Yesterday the unexpected happened.  My pastor joined in the same manner I did (an email from a friend).  Amidst excitement and a bit of hesitation I clicked "add as friend."  

That got me thinking?  Why did I hesistate that my pastor joined?  Isn't he human just like me.  I know some of the youth thought...well now Bill and Lorrie are on facebook "I have to sensor what I say".  Is this what I was really thinking when our pastor joined?  I started reviewing my inbox in my mind.  What did my "info" say about me?  Will he look down on me because I still love New Edition (o.k. so now I've officially dated myself.)  Will he have to call me in for counseling because I'm obsessed with tablescaping?  I decided not to change anything...because I am what I am...the good, bad, and the HGTV loving self.

The idea of some earthy watchman for my sins just isn't biblical.  The pastor is suppose to give an account of himself and I'm to do the same with myself.  I look to Jesus as the propitiation for my sins...New Editon idol worshiping and all.  Why was I worried how I appear to him?  We're all on the same ground at the cross.

It comes down to image.  Ultimately we as Christians (age 40 and down) have this image thing.  We want to appear hip but holy, pretty and pious, Christian and still a little edgy.  We have this image of ourselves that we think we portray.  We have the "real" us that we put out there for our closest friends and we have this "church face" that we use singing "all is right with the world."  In reality God doesn't want that from us.  He wants us to be geniune in all circles. 

I'm naturally silly, playful, pensive and somewhat sensitive.  If my pastor is my "facebook" friend he's going to find that out.  If you've read my blog for any length of time of time you're going to find that out.  The truth be told...he probably already knows these things.
I've been writing a lot about living for God consistently throughout your day...not just some of the time...and that's what adding my pastor as my "friend" got me thinking about.

O.k. I promise...this is the last POST about facebook for a while.

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