Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday's gossip rag...

Praise the Lord it's Friday.
Believe it or not...I made it through Thursday still running.  We didn't go to the beach and we got our work done.  But I have to admit...I had this post totally different this morning and after talking to someone who "keeps me in check"...I had to edit my own post.

Now on to Friday's gossip.

Psalm 109:3 - With words of hatred they surround me; they attack me without cause.

I'm wondering...why do we slander out of the blue? 
You know what I'm talking about.  For no reason we'll say something really nasty about someone and it wasn't even part of the conversation we were having.

Why do I slander out of the blue?  
I'll be talking about something else and a thought will enter my mind and out of my mouth comes slander (it might be true...but its' not nice).

Why do you slander out of the blue? 
You come up to me or others and say something about someone shroud it in a "prayer request" or you have a "concern" about your Christian brother or sister.
(If someone really needs prayer...all you have to say is..."Can you pray for Krissy, she needs prayer. period.)

You know you do, like I do...sometimes we slander right out of the blue.

It's pride.   We try to make ourselves look good. (Psalms 52:4)

It's jealousy.   We want to be them if we could. (Psalms 50:20)

It's bitterness.   We're hurt so we hurt back.  (Psalms 109:3)

It's evil. We've succumb to Satan's attack. (Pslams 34:13)

It's not of God and it's so true, we gossip, we slander right out of the blue.

Ladies let your words about others not end up being gossip. 
Let's see if we can use this weekend to speak only words that are useful in building others up.
If you can't say what you're going to say around them you shouldn't say it at all.  

Now go forth and have a great weekend
...and keep that tongue in check!


Musings of a Housewife said...

It's SO hard to keep that tongue in check, isn't it!? Good for you. I think leaving it alone was the right choice.

Lorrie said...

The problem is you want...because of gloat to folks and say...hey...I actually got it right. It doesn't matter HOW MANY times you get it just want to gloat when you get it right. It's pride and God don't like that either.