Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Are we the real deal?

We all know my youngest loves trains.  He's got plastic ones, wooden ones, big ones, small ones.  He's got red trains, blue trains, name brand trains and garage sale trains.  
His favorite set is the wooden one that dominates our family room.   It sits on a train table and is the de facto coffee table as well.  There is a set that came with the table, and they're sets of trains and we see and buy here and there...hoping they'd fit his set.

Well if they aren't part of this particular set.  They won't fit.  If they aren't the "real" ones they don't work with the table.  

We've tried buying knock offs trains.  They don't last as long.  They don't wear as well.  They look different and they just aren't the real deal.

We've tried buying knock offs tracks that LOOK like his real tracks.  As soon as we get home...when we put them next to the real ones...we can quickly tell.

We've been having revival at our church for the last few night and I keep thinking.  

What if the sins I haven't asked forgiveness for are causing our church not to be closer to God?
What if the sins I still do cause my family, my friends, my church hinder the blessing of God poured on us?
What is the sins I still THINK about cause me not to be in God's will?

Well I had to stop and think right there...and pray.  
Lord help us to be REAL for you...all day, every day.

I know I'm going to heaven.  Sins, warts and all.  I accepted Christ at 9...walking down a church aisle...putting my little faith in him with my 9 year old mind.  Around 22 I started having questions, doubts and wondering if I really was saved.  In my small bedroom...late in the night...I silently prayed and asked for reassurance.  I asked the Lord to take charge of ALL of my life...not just parts of it.  One of these days I'd like to be baptized in the Jordan river to commemorate that.

There will be many who face an eternal hell but they thought they were Christians all along. They will face eternal torment and separation without God because they thought they were GOOD enough.  I don't want to be one of those.

Search yourself, as I do today,  to make sure you really are a follower of Christ.  Just walking an aisle at 5 isn't going to save you.  Being a church member your whole life isn't going to save you. Having a preacher for a husband, a dad, a brother or friend isn't going to save.  Only true repentance of your sins and turning to Jesus will save you.  

Do you struggle with the same sins since you were saved?  You might not be saved.  Do you want to read the bible?  If you don't you might not be saved.  Do you want to do the things of God? If you don't you might not be saved.

If you aren't a true believer...if you have any need to accept Him as Lord over your life today...
click here to know for sure
If you are a believer.  You need to check yourself...
Folks we are called to be holy, not hip!
We're called to be righteous...not always right with our homes, cars or clothes
We're called to be obedient...not opulent!

Let's make sure we're part of the REAL train for Jesus...not a bad imitation that won't be derailed to hell.


Country Life Girl said...

Very well spoken and God bless you.

Sandy Toes said...

Hello there...I just had to stop by and much I LOVE LOVE LOVE Alan husband and I both say that if that man ever got on the ticket again...we would have to volunteer and work for his party...he is such a great man!!! I just saw a video on him recently on World Net Daily....he is great!
sandy toe

Everybody's Mama said...

Wonderful post.