Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winds are pretty harsh today...

Everything outside is blowing around in the wind. If it doesn't have a strong root system, isn't made of concrete or's in the air. These winds are blowing leaves, branches and even the occasional stray paper from my recycling bin from the front to the backyard. Usually when we have severe winds, maple trees, elms, and evergreens end up with branches falling and damage...but the palm trees just sway and bend. An occasional palm frond will blow off...but no matter how strong the wind, those palm trees just bend in the breeze.

Learn to be a palm in the severe windstorms of life. If you stand reluctantly to'll sustain some heavy damage. I always think of the Holy Spirit when I see strong wind...but God uses the Holy Spirit and circumstances in our lives that give us a chance to yield and be flexible. Remember God's word continually uses the unlikely to show His Power. You'd think those big trees...maples, elms and evergreens would stand in the wind...but they don't. They look big and strong...but when the winds come...they end up going down, or getting hurt. It's the palm...flexible and ready to yield to the Holy Spirit, that survives the storms.

With that said...I'm not ready to yield to the wind and I'm staying inside as much as possible. My mini van isn't built for wind.

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