Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm behind with laundry again.

I forgot to publish this yesterday morning. I accidently saved it as a draft.
How did this happen? I was doing so well until the art show came along. Now here I am again...behind with the laundry. I think my boys have too many clothes. First of all I buy them, my sister buys them clothes, I get hand me downs from others, and I have a little problem with good deals from the rescue mission resale shop. Wednesday is suppose to be my major laundry day and that's why I'm up at this horrific hour doing laundry so I can frame and school today. Is anybody else in the laundry mess I'm in? And we all know what's coming....Thursday! YKMOT (See label disclosure on side.) I don't get ANYTHING done. O.k. Calm a light of to the world. Didn't I just write that in the last post? Not a neurotic light...but a steady shining clear beacon...who doesn't have her laundry done.

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