Thursday, November 06, 2008

My overscheduled weekend.

"Be still and know that I am God" is a verse I see every Sunday I go to church.  A banner hangs about 20 feet high above the choir loft area reminding us that we are to be still and know that God is in all things.  The problem is that we Americas are so busy scheduling stuff that we can't be still and know our own names.

Take this weekend for example.  B is out of town with work and I have committed to be in town with a church activity.  Bry has a football game, my niece has a soccer banquet, little B has a PEERS group activity and Nay wants to spend the night at his friends house Friday.  To top it off my sitter for Friday cancelled (my dad is out of town and my sister is at training), my friend just emailed me a "Clean your closet clutter challenge" and we are to inspect the findings by Tuesday.  I can't do that because Saturday I am suppose to be in Cam and at my cousin's funeral at the same time, then go to church Sunday, do Sunday School, church (with my preschooler), meet with the youth girls Sunday at 3:30, minister at Awana at 5:00 (did I mention it's parent's night) and look over little B's homework when we home about 8 p.m.  The only thing I'll be still for this weekend is sleep.  Pray that in this incessant running around...I realize that God is still in control and I can take moments to be still and know Him.   B next year, I'm hanging with you. :)

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