Friday, October 24, 2008

Be careful where you trod

The sun shone brightly on my friend's pool deck as the children had finished their lesson on chemicals and how they make a pool clean.  My boys were in the pool and one was swimming while the other was being held by a dear friend of mine.  I was beaming with pride that my apprehensive swimmer had even got in the water.  
"Mommy, Allie has got a hold of me."  
"I see Bry!"  "You're doing great."  
Bry whined," Mommy, can you come in?"  
"Well I can't, but I will test the water."  
I was so busy looking around at the pool, the beautiful landscapes, and focusing on my child...I didn't bother to see if the deck was slippery.   Well you know I feel in, fully clothed and all.  As I swam away...I wasn't thinking about safety, or my kids, or anyone else.  I was so vain all I could do was think...girl you better stroke across the pool like you didn't mind falling in.

The devil keeps us off balance with tricks like that.  We are so busy looking around at the "beautiful" things around us, a new man, a new car, maybe even a house.  He gets us distracted with what others are doing...and there we go...falling into sin like I fell into the pool.  The only difference is the consequences of falling into a pool are temporary.  Some sins have a lifetime of consequences and pain, and you don't know until you take the plunge.   

Lord, your Word says to resist the devil and he will flee from you.  Help us to resist temptation today so we don't fall into sin.

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Alice said...

I will try not to have such beautiful landscaping around my pool in the future. We were so worried about you, but I see you are doing fine. Thanks for blessing my evenings with your blog. I read you every night.