Monday, November 01, 2010

happy birthday Bry

Happy Birthday Bryson!

7 Years ago...I had the EASIEST birth I had ever experienced!

Little did I know you'd be a little boy of extremes!

In some ways you are EASY and flexible!

You already read very well and do classwork in a flash!

In some ways...well you're rigid and inflexible!

You're a little powder keg...and quite a challenge

But amazed God gave me a little Peter and Moses all rolled in one!

Bry, Billy and Ney circa 2004

Right now you enjoy...

Globes and Maps

Trains and cars

and ANYTHING Police, FBI, etc!

Your favorite books are Arthur and your

favorite show is National Geographics Tornadoes...

Your best friends are Angel and Eliza.

You told me you were going to marry Nicole! (but I told her not to wait!)

Bry 2010 and Nicole at her graduation

Love you do keep me on my knees!


Veronica Lee said...

Happy Birthday to Bryson!

SILVIA said...

happy b-day handsome boy, i wish you a wonderful day!

Beth in NC said...

Ha, what a cute post! Happy Birthday to Bryson!