Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Taming the Tongue Tuesday!

I've finally figured out why
James says in the bible...

The tongue can not be tamed...

My son comes home early from his friend's house.

"Ney what's going on?"


"Nothing?" I press.


"What?!" Now I'm getting loud...I know...I'm working on that too...

I'm thinking....was he attacked, abused, hurt, maimed...WHAT!?

"Daniel's grandmother was cussing on the phone and I could hear her..."
"Sooooo I left. I'd tell you what she said...but then I'd be cussing too."

Now if you knew this kid...this would be shocking since he struggles with his own
So for a brief moment...I thought...way to go Ney...
you are really choosing the right attitude and actions for the Lord...then

"I guess grandmothers can be idiots too."

OK God's still working on his tongue.
And mine.
And yours too!

Let us all be so sensitive of cursing, gossiping and the like,
that when we hear it...
we got to get out.

YES I talked to him about using that word IDIOTS...
it's a recurring theme in our household as of late...
maybe we can make it a cuss word too!

James 3:8
But no one can tame the tongue. It is restless and evil, full of deadly poison

Ephesians 4:29
Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths,
but only what is helpful for building others up
according to their needs, that it may
benefit those who listen.


1 comment:

Lisa said...

Great post, a song my kids sing is
"keep your tongue from evil keep your tongue
keep your tongue from evil keep your tongue
and you lips from speaking lies
keep your tongue from evil keep your tongue"
Good job Ney