Thursday, July 15, 2010

water view weddings and waiting....

(taken with my phone...not bad huh?)

I packed up the kids and headed to a family wedding this past Monday,
I know...who gets married on a Monday!
The thing is if you saw the'd know you'd get married there anyday!

But you know me....I'm waiting on my cousin to get back to get her pictures...


Cause don't you know...
my camera phone was overloaded with the first round I snapped and
she let me HOLD her camera! (silly cousin)

Mistake number 1!
I've got some great photos...
they're just in HER camera!

She only lives on the other side of the state!
Sheesh! So I'm waiting!

Note to self...stop obsessing over people's cameras!
That's Lilly, her hubby Dale (my first cousin)...then Bry
Mary, his sister and my first cousin - is in the pink (looking like a movie star...)
Her nephew Dale Jr, my oldest Billy, my hubby Bill, Ney and
Key the groom (our cousin who plays for a living....)
(if you're here!)

Oh and Lilly (girl in brown dot dress...) "I'd like my photos please!"

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