Thursday, June 10, 2010


What's the perfect gift for the
high school graduate....

How do you tell them without filling their heads
with frivolous ambitions
unreasonable expectations...
that life is great
and life is hard.

That life without Christ will be hell...
but life with Jesus will be fulfilling...
but not what
think it might be?

Oh poohy,

I'll just pick up a Hallmark,
filled with hope and sugary prose,
stick a Starbucks card in it...
and call it a day!


Beth in NC said...

Yay! Your blog is fixed. Woo hoo!!! It looks GREAT!

Why not both. The Truth and a gift card? hee hee

Love ya!

Lorrie said...

ha ha...I gave 'em the truth and the gift card. We have 5 graduates from high school and one boy that is homeschooled that graduated mid year. Four of the kids I've known since I was their 5th grade Sunday School teacher and I'm so proud. I can't imagine what their parents are thinking.