Monday, March 22, 2010

pull over...

Friday evening heading to church...
Bry saw the "cool" Cam police car go by.
Well they KNOW him at the police department...
but in a good way.

We pulled them over and the officer had business...
but all the cadets, etc. know Bry from our numerous
"field trips there"
and was happy to take his picture with Bryson.

Funny...he ALWAYS has a police shirt on too!


Many things this weekend went on.
I passed out flyers...
lost my keys and accidently took Bill's.
Finish ALL my laundry (went to a laundry mat Friday...ok that was fun!)
Finished packing for Hawaii (roughly).
Church was o.k....
ummmmm....Bethany...Bill and I could have sung that song....WE ARE AMY GRANT FANS.
We had leftovers Sunday afternoon.
I know...cop out but I was tired.
Oh well.

As I write this I need to go to the Fallas and get Billy underwear for the trip, Nathan some new socks and look for a black pair of pants.
I can't believe that my kids (well two others) were the only ones not dressed for the banquet.
THEY GREW OUT OF THEIR CLOTHES and I had them washed and ready to go...
but they didn't fit!

OK...maybe I can't make this private all the time...
'cause I'm just rambling.
I have to admit...I had some stinky attitudes this weekend so I really don't want to do my devotional. I feel like I'm going to the principals office.

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Beth in NC said...

Ha. Well the good thing is, God isn't like a principal. He is happy to see you and doesn't bring condemnation. :o)