Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Taming the tongue...but sometimes we need to utter the words...

Day of incident:
Monday, January 11, 2010
It was 12:45 in the p.m.

Exactly 7 2° degrees
(I know, I know...it's freezing over there...but remember I have to DRIVE to see snow...)

Driving: My late model mini van

Where it happened:
leaving Toys R Us (I had a gift card so don't start...)

and my kindergartner turns and screams....

"Hey dude....don't do that! You're gonna die!"

I turned to see
two blond "dudes"
getting out of a monster truck...

looking at me

I just shook my head and hurried
"Mr. Enforcer"
into the car.

Their offense
(besides a slightly bad winter tan...)


My son was earnestly concerned.
You see he LOVES monster trucks...
and he couldn't imagine anyone driving one who
themselves in harms way.

Now we all know smoking, overeating, excessive alcohol etc...
are slow forms of suicide.

My 6 year old...just

Said it out loud.

Sometimes we need to say things...
out loud.

To people we love...
to people we admire...
to people we're close too...
or folks who are close to the edge...

Sometimes we need to tame our tongues...
but sometimes we need to scream...

"Hey! You're gonna die!"

Is there someone you know you need to "with God's love" enlighten.

Pray that you respond the right way and that you have the God given guts to say the right words.

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another!
Proverbs 27:17


Alicia said...

I think if it is all done in love, then I think that is okay.

Anonymous said...

Bless his sweet heart, what a good boy. This made me laugh out loud.

mimi said...

Ok, that is something my boys would do! Made me laugh.

But...this post also hit home. I don't often witness to those I love, afraid that I would turn them off...but the alternative is worse :(

mimi said...

Oh, and thanks for your comment-it was encouraging!!

Me said...

What great courage your son had!! wow! That is amazing!! If only I sometimes had the courage to speak out like that! He just spoke the truth "Don't do it! You're gonna die!" Can we say that more when we see the lost making bad decisions? Or when we see someone smoking, drinking and such....ahhh to have the courage he has...keep encouraging it all!! Praise the Lord for his blunt honesty!