Tuesday, December 01, 2009

When a busy body comes in...taming our tongues!

believe it or not...

At this time of the year...

Taming out tongues are a little harder.


We're around people more

Psalm 41:6
Whenever one comes to see me, he speaks falsely,
while his heart gathers slander;
then he goes out and spreads it abroad.

Now disclaimer....
I'm not talking about a true friend.

I'm talking about acquaintances that aren't out for your best interest.
You know...that
mother in the mom's group (who has to have EVERYTHING perfect)...
classmate (who checks your grades more than their own)
neighbor (who thinks you're the Jones)
family member (didn't a name pop in your head...)
or fellow church attender... (another name popped in your head...just let it pop out)

There are some...who wish you well...
and well
some who...don't but they're not going to tell you.
That's the subtly of the devil.

I really don't have many acquaintances like that anymore.

I finally learned to distant myself from people who slander.

Oh they still talk about me...but I'm not around to hear it!

Somehow they keep cropping up.

Lord...let me not be one of them.

Because I slip too!

But back to the "friend" at hand.

When someone who you KNOW is a busy body, a gossip, a slanderer...

you're best best this holiday season is to

avoid them.

They can't gather slander if you don't give them any information.

'nuff said!


If they choose to talk to you anyway...just say
"Oh, I'd love to talk, but I have to attend to something now...gotta go."

No one can argue with that.

If they choose to argue with that...

dig in your heels and run away!

So there you go...
avoidance, polite exit and in case of real trouble...
run, Forest, RUN!

(With all the Christmas going ons...I'll have a chance to practice this TONIGHT...so pray for me!, but it's smooth sailing for Wednesday night and Thursday night...that is unless I mess up!)


Becca said...

Amen!! I tried to avoid this as much as I can. And we sure are all guilty of this but the Lord helps me daily to stay from all that... Praise God! Great Post:)

Alicia said...

Yes, I agree! Avoid. This way, we are not caught up with that person either.

Bad company corrupts good morals!

mimi said...

So you've met my MIL...I kid, I kid!!

Seriously, this post is sooo good. I love when you said "they think you're the Joneses" So true!! It's hard when you meet someone new, are excited about the new friendship and then realize it's not what you thought...becuase they are competing or not genuine or whatever.

Beth in NC said...

Me and my mouth! You always convict me with these posts!

Hey, I just mentioned your little ol' name on my last post.

Love ya.

Beth in NC said...

Yes, you guessed it. The Fast-5 is what it is called. I'll tell you since you are the only one who actually watched my other youtubes (ha). Here is the free eBook (it only takes about 20 minutes to skim through it: http://fast-5.com/Fast-5-ebook100.pdf I am on my 3rd week, but the first week where I am actually fasting until 5pm. I realized how much I ate out of habit before.

Love & hugs!

Anonymous said...

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