Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday weigh's back!

ok so here I am..
bright and early ready to step on the

hold on....

I've got to go and get it.

ok the

a 2 lb. loss of the 6 lbs I had gained.

Now if that's confusing...over the summer I took a challenge to lose weight...
and lost 7 lbs....which I gained back except for 1 this last September (LOTS of stress in our poor little family)
so a

2 lb. loss are still 5 shy of my lowest...

The challenge thing wasn't working...
I know what I need to do...
and I'm back doing it.

When my boy gets out of kinder...we go to the park...
(we don't hit Taco Bell....we eat at home...)
(Make sure I get my veggies and fruits at the famer's market... that way I make sure I eat them...since they weren't so easy to get....)
(STOP the extra calories....)

it's a simple as that...
cut back on your food and exercise.

New goal...
14 by 41!

(which is totally doable....)
I starting with weight from today....

Let's get started on that 14!

I've got 2 months to make it.

Now I'm off to an Awana training conference and I'm getting a SKINNY Latte as my treat (150 calories)...that is if I still have $$ on my Starbucks card.

Be blessed.


Erin said...

Congratulations! Baby steps count...

Dani Joy said...

You can do it! Stay on that wagon. I am with you! my goal is the last 5 lbs by my anniversary in January. well, I´d like to get them off by December if possible.

all that you said is great! great motivation for me too. Other things you might be able to do is stock the house with some no sugar treats that you like. I eat a little no sugar chocolate, raisins, and sugar free yogurt to make me feel like I am having a treat. and when the family wants to eat out, I have something with out the bun and very very few fries if any. That´s great you can treat yourself to a SKinny Latte. I drink all my coffee with out sugar too. Wish we had a starbucks here. ´
Eating light for supper and nothing before bed helps me so much too.

Lets support one another! :)

Lorrie said...

update...I got the skinny latte w/ pumpkin...180 calories...but the pumpkin bread fell into my mouth as well...but all is not lost...the pumpkin bread wasn't more than 200 calories...that's still WAY under a regular original White Chocolate Mocha (my fav....which is 800 calories...)... so my breakfast was o.k.

Lunch was Chick fil A 500 calories...ugghhh..

but dinner was rice and chicken....

not bad for my first day!
14 by 41!

Bethany said...

Yeah, I was in "special treat" mode too. I rarely get a "treat" coffee but I definitely splurged yesterday! I had my own brownie and my friend's too :( it was good though :)