Monday, September 14, 2009

Taming the tongue...but sometimes we need to utter the words...

I often don't quote actors, but this one I couldn't pass it.

"I keep my heart and my soul and spirit open to miracles." But I'm not going to pursue every experimental treatment that comes along. If I were "spending so much time chasing staying alive." I wouldn't be able to enjoy the time I have left...
to live"

A quote by Patrick Swayze.

I'm going to assume that he didn't have a last minute conversion...
but I can't assume anyone REALLY is saved. We won't really know until we get to heaven!

I'm going to assume he never utter...Jesus save me..Jesus come into my heart...clean me of my sins and make me born anew.

Nice works.

Nice quote.

and I'm sure a nice guy.

But words are only words unless you have meaning behind them.

The only thing that really matters...

is Jesus.

If you don't have that in your life...

all your "living" will have be done here.

for in the next life...

you will be tormented forever.

Don't be caught without uttering...

Jesus save ME.



Alicia said...

Hi Lorrie. How often I've thought the same thing of other people who have passed.

I guess we really won't know if they did or didn't until we get to heaven ourselves. But, I do hear what you're saying, and I totally agree.

Our life is just a vapor here on this earth. One day everything will perish.

Beth E. said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a prayer for Susan's mother-in-law. If you get the opportunity, stop by Susan's blog and leave a comment there, too. I'm sure it would be a great encouragement to her!

I was saddened to hear of Patrick Swayze's death. Jesus gives us every opportunity - until our last breath - to choose Him. I have seen people make a profession of faith on their death beds and die immediately after.

We don't know what Patrick's last days/moments were like, but I pray that he professed Jesus to be his Lord and Savior!


kat said...

thank you for posting this, i feel sad when i know of someone that has died and didnt utter those words.