Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What do you think?

What do you think?
(changing up Tuesday a little)


Can these things be changed with nothing other than prayer?

Is it possible to change someone from being a pessimist to an optimist....
by praying for it?

The world will tell you no.
School officials and well meaning church folks will say no too.
We know what someone's boss will say...but what says you?

I know what I think....but I'm curious as to what you think?

Can a person's personality be changed....solely by prayer?


Beth in NC said...

Hmmmm. Solely by prayer? That would suggest that I could change my husband's personality if I prayed for him. I think the person's WILL must be involved. We have to WANT to change. We have to make wise choices, wise decisions, constantly seeking God's direction and strength. To me, it is a process that NEEDS prayer, but I don't think prayer alone will change it.

Ok, that is my little opinion. :O)

Jenn said...

If a person has "the stuff" to pray for that kind of change and be committed to it, that is all it needs.

My screaming at the heavens for patience, when my children have destroyed something, doesn't count!

Alicia said...

Good question.

I think "personalities" stay the same. It's the character, or traits, that can change in people..and yes through prayer. But, like Beth said, the person has to be willing.

I think if I was weird before I was a Christian, and then I got saved, then I would just be a weird Christian.

Does that make sense?

Bethany said...

I think the basics of their personality can be improved, made the best of, but not changed from who God created them to be. There is a friend's husband who I think is just about perfect, but when I pray, it is not that Greg become "George", but that he become the best Greg he can be. KWIM?