Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Photo Flashback...

Well it's Friday morning,
and with that said it's time for Friday Photo Flashback with Alicia
over at More Than Words...

I love this photo of me and and literally 
some woman I met in business class...
in the Atlantic ocean for the first Florida.
as soon as we got off the plane...
we ran to the ocean and stuck our feet in the warm water.

We were both in Florida on business (My first time "on business" for anything).
I was nervous and scared being alone.
I latched onto the first person I saw so I wouldn't feel so out of sorts.

Did I mention I just had my first child?
(That sounds so selfish now...)
Running all over the country for a 
career that's a distant memory.
I loved working where I was, it was like family.

But it WASN'T family.
A job is still a job...and family is still family...

So when I had my first little boy...
it took me a full 15 months to realize...
I was more needed at home. (that's really hard to type folks...)

Funny thing is...after all these year's they're 
still using the company logo I designed.
which is here.
Doesn't matter how many logos and items I designed'll never compare to a
beautiful day outside with my rowdy boys 
watching them play in the warm sunshine.


Alicia said...

You got that right, friend!! They can replace employees in a heartbeat, but the true loyalty comes from family (well, most family)!!

East Coast beach water is so much warmer than us west coasters (does that word make sense?).

RWilson05 said...

Even if it took 15 months to realize home is where you were needed the most, it's still such a small amount of time in the grand scheme of things! Your son won't remember that time, and the Lord is faithful, and will continue to bless your efforts at home! =) I've never been in the ocean on the East coast... is it truly as warm as everyone says? I can't imagine it! I live in Southern California, where even in the middle of summer, with 100+ degree weather the water is ICE COLD!! It only ever feels warm in the middle of winter... where the temp of the air is colder than the water... but who wants to swim then? Not i!

☼¨`*•.♥RocĂ­o♥.•*¨`☼ said...

Oh man I could never work for family!
Great photo! and LOGO too!
but yeah you are certainly right about that beautiful sunshine with your boys!!!
luv ya!!!!