Monday, July 27, 2009

Who's going to rescue you?

photo credit: Bethany O.
Joey is excited he has "patient" Brian...while Bry is serious since it's "an emergency"

Light marine layered clouds formed off the coast as I sat last Friday with some friends from church and their children.
We moms and kids had been at the beach a few hours while sand castles towered...waves had been "surfed"...kelp had been thrown...and bodies had been buried in the sand.

While I sat there and enjoyed watching the children and frankly...not doing anything...
my youngest walked up to the mom on my left...

Huh? She looked a bit puzzled turning to me for "mommy translation".

"I think he asked to borrow your boogie board."

"Sure." she coffee still in her hand.

Then my son took the board yelled "tanks" and all we saw were clothes and a dark brown spot running past. 
Time to be paramedics! 
The boogie board became the gurney and now they needed a patient.  Well they found a willing participant...a slightly lighter mocha colored boy (son of the coffee mom) willingly went down.  A spiked haired freckled boy was the other "paramedic".  He held the string, and was ready to pull the "patient" along. Bry added a towel over the "patient" as a makeshift dressing.

Boys are so cute when they play help and rescue.  They love rescuing princesses, friends from dragons and "injured" sand filled patients as doctors and paramedics.

Isn't it amazing that we have the ultimate paramedic to turn to daily?
Someone so big and all encompassing that 

He can rescue us from anything.

While I watched the boys put their "patient" on the gurney...with the grey-blue pacific as a backdrop...I thought of the old camp song we'd sing at children's camp...

God is my refuge...
and God is my strength...
a very present help in trouble.

God is my refuge...
and God is my strength
a very present help in trouble..

will not fear
though the earth
be remove
and though the mountains 
be carried into the mist...
of the sea!

It's a paraphrase but Psalm 46:1 is the actual verse.

Even if the earth and mountains move, we fear not ANYTHING...
for God is our help in any type of trouble.
Boys play paramedics and rescue for fun...
but I'm grateful God is our ultimate paramedic and rescues for real!



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Funny about the gurney! gorgeous day and picture image you painted for us.

Beautiful analogy. Love it! The Master Healer!