Monday, July 06, 2009

Looking back at the 4th!

Yesterday we had a great 4th of July...we basically did 


I figured that if we were going on a mini vacation our funds would be VERY tight and the best way to cut cost is to cut activities.  It was hard...many folks were asking us what we were doing for the 4th and I was so evasive.  I'm finding that when you do things with others sometimes you end up spending more money than if you don't have anything planned.  My hubby was sleeping off a youth all nighter at the church and the boys and I puttered around the house and yard.  I didn't even buy extra food...we had burgers (already had), a small slap of ribs (already had) and mac and cheese (already had)...for dessert we stopped  on the way to the harbor fireworks and ordered $6.00 worth of ice cream.  So our 4th of July was an extra $6.00. When we came home my hubby and son stayed up making a pizza...but that was from stuff we already had in the 'fridge.

I know me.  If we had gone to my sisters, or our neighbors or hung with anyone else,  we would have spent more money.  If my neighbors would have come over...I know I would have bought new towels for the front bathroom.  If we would have gone to my sisters...I would have spent extra for the cost of gas.  I'm typically thrifty, but not a super penny pitcher...but I love pleasing folks with stuff I THINK they might LIKE, regardless of the if I'm going to my sister's I try to make things I know she enjoys.  Some of those dishes can get expensive when you're cooking from scratch.  Unsalted butter, fresh peaches, heavy whipping cream, ribs, ... doesn't really matter what the dish is... somehow it gets expensive. Don't get me wrong, but when I know we're trying to go to Arizona on a set amount... which is so low...I can't even quote it...I have to admit I'm watching every penny.  I did buy my youngest a new shirt...but I bought one with a collar so he can use it for school too...and I bought my husband some tennis shoes...he needed a new pair.

Is it me?, or have you noticed that lately the need to start saving what money we have, not frivolously shopping without an agenda or even window shop? Is it some sort of nesting for a global financial quake of some kind...

I don't know... but if our 4th was any indication...with God I think we can weather it.


Darcie said...

Have you ever noticed sometimes the greatest memories and the greatest joys come...when we don't even spend a dime. Glad you had an enjoyable 4th!

SILVIA said...

ok, now i feel guilty, i'm spending soo much money for this trip, sometimes you are better of staying @home even tho i want to see my family but i have to bring some gifts i feel bad if i dont and trust me i have no extra money but what i'm i supposed to do???..ttys


Well Watered Woman said...

Lorrie - I loved reading about this today. We are on the same page. We are limiting spending, trying to cut back and save where we can. We've even been starting our food storage.
Our 4th was on the same page as yours as well. We didn't do anything out of the ordinary, just enjoyed the day and each other.
We didn't even realize the kids didn't ask for fireworks until late in the afternoon right before dark. When we asked them about it, the only thing they asked for was sparklers. We bought 3 boxes for 75 cents each. They also asked for boxes of snaps they cost 3 dollars for 4 boxes. It is the little things that bring the greatest memories.

Alicia said...

I'll have to agree w/ Miss Darcie up there!!

It's like the more money we have, we have to spend!

It's crazy how fast things add up (not even including gas). Chips here, soda there, dessert, etc!!

Erin said...

Oh, yeah, we weren't the only ones. We did the same thing. Food? Check (we have it at home), fun? Check! (Stuff for s'mores left over from the camping trip). Like you, no more money was needed. How cool is that?

mimi said...

Yes, spending and intentional shopping is happening in our home. Doing nothing can be so much fun. You are so right, when you do nothing with others you spend lots of money. We decided not to do a soccer league(a bit of savings) and do more things at home or local parks. Simple fun can be tons of fun!

Bethany said...

Our fourth was spent in Yosemite and was totally free, besides the campsite fee (minimal) and the gas to get there (not so minimal). We brought our own raft with us and floated down the river through God's country, and potlucked whatever was in our coolers with our group. No fireworks except the fiery stars offered by our Creator for our enjoyment and wonder.

Beth in NC said...

Girl, don't feel bad. The only extra money we spent for the 4th was 4 boxes of pasta for a pasta salad I had to take to our church picnic on Saturday! We watched fireworks from our front porch. A nice, cheap weekend. :o)

Dani Joy said...

So glad you had a lovely time and didn´t spend much! that´s how it should be! teaches all contentment too! :)

Well, as a special treat, You won third prize in my Caption give away. I wish I could give more especially because I just loved your caption so much! My hubby and I thought it was going to to win. ;)

All I need is your addy and I will get you your little bit of Spain to ya. It will take a little longer as it´s coming across the ocean.

God bless you and your family.